Sprint Overview

Making a career pivot is a bit like developing a product. It can be chaotic, stressful, and uncertain – but deeply rewarding when you nail the launch or complete the transition to your dream career. In the next two sprint, we'll talk about how to organize and define your priorities as you move through the process. We'll help you learn how to identify the right people, companies, set expectations, and keep up with key milestones. With the right structure in place, you can complete your quest while staying sane and stress-free.

<aside> ⏰ Completing this sprint should take about 45 minutes. We've provided some suggestions for how to time yourself as you work through this material – but feel free to move forward at your own pace.


Getting organized

The key to a successful quest is stying organized and efficient. In this sprint we'll outline some tools and practices that will help you spend your time efficiently.

We've provided a helpful template for keeping track of which companies fit your values. You will find the template in the tab next to your "Networking" template from Sprint 3. Here it is again just in case and be sure to make a copy and save to your Google Drive Folder. The values provided in this template are just placeholders – feel free to substitute your own. Every time you find a company you might want to apply to, rank it across your top five values and add that information to the sheet. Having this list on hand will help you prioritize as you move through the search process.

How do I fill out the worksheet?


Generating ideas for companies

How do you start finding companies to even build a list? A lot of today's job boards are created by individuals. Leaders on Substack or part of small, niche communities. We're sharing some of our favorites below, in addition to the larger popular job boards:

Larger job boards